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About the Author Mark Karns

Remodeled cabin next to rock the Lord spoke through in 1948

The authors Earthly life began in 1944 by being incarnated from a Heavenly spirit being into his mothers womb. He was called in the flesh by the Lord God Almighty of Israel, sovereign of the Universe, through a rock next to this cabin in the foothills overlooking Denver at the age of 4 years old. He was opinionated during his primary school years which led to confrontation with adult authority people.

This led to covert operations being preformed on his body by a family doctor at a young age, which changed his intended God given physical and mental appearance. He learned of the awesomeness of the Creator's world as an assistant marine biologist tagging salmon in the Gulf of Alaska, and the Bering Sea, during the early 1960's while attending the University of Washington. He then escaped the draft by joining the US Navy In 1966.

He spent most of his life after being discharged from the Navy with a General Discharge, which was updated to an Honorable Discharge, allowing himself to be submitted to prescribed brain retarding drugs. As he regressed into a retarded state he remembered the Lords calling of him, and he  continually sought the Lord God Almighty even though he knew he would have everlasting death, or simply put, oblivion as his destiny. Even though brain damaged as a child from the medical operations, the Lord God Almighty partially restored him so that he could remember and recount the events of his childhood and life today.