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The Being and Mind of God

My Evolving Understanding of the Being and Mind Of Our Immutable God

The Being of God:

As a small child I saw pictures of a smiling Sun. That is how I envisioned God as a small child. As I began to grow up, I realized this understanding of God had too many limitations. My doubts about God allowed me to listen to anti-God voices around me,  which shook my belief in Him. I did not correlate God's voice and my answered prayers to something supernatural to be awed and studied. Today, my understanding of the being of God is that of an infinite Spirit Being whose image we were created in. I think of Him as an infinite spirit shaped like a sphere with no ending. I am trying to understand where all the parts of His body exist. He cannot be a man in the sky with only one pair of hands, feet, eyes, ears, and mouth, nose, heart, etc., as many of us have envisioned Him to be (even as an old man with a white beard). Could it be that all of our body parts that He created in us, in order to be like Him, are related to being a part of Him by way of an infinite numbers of infinitely small parts that allows Him to know, see, hear, smell, and control everything from the sub-atomic particle level, to the element, to the compound, to the molecule, to the living cell, to the living creatures, to the physical structures, to the planets, to the galaxies, to the universe? Could all of His physical, emotional, and rational parts exist everywhere in Him, within the infinitely large sphere we call God.

The Mind and Character of God:

As an infant I experienced the soothing voice and touch of God to calm my anxieties of the unknown. I experienced all the goodness from the Father that all of the rest of His creations did. I was loved and educated by God on an individual basis, just as all of His creations have been. My idea was narrowed to understand God as my protector, and provider, but I did not understand how He did it.  

As the spirit Jesus, I was a serious Godly young boy who did my duty to bring to the world an understanding of God's love and mercy that God had assigned me to do. I did this conscientiously just as Adam had done in carrying out his duties to name the animals. God's comforting of me was as rewarding to me as His rejection of me for my mistakes in my involvement in the creation of the world, and for my doubts that I expressed on the cross, were to prove to be so psychologically devastating to me.

Since my birth on Earth, my understanding of God has grown from that of my personal God only, to that of a perfect councilor, mediator, leader, and judge of all of His living creations in the entire world. He raises every creature according to what is best for their individual genetic makeup. I now know that God makes the weather and controls who the living beings that we will encounter within our environment. He knows our inherent weaknesses and strengths, and He works with us according to how we relate and grow in Him, and He never tests us more than we can bear.

I no longer see my eternal judgment of everlasting cut-off as some personal dislike of me by God, like many other people judge me. But instead I view God's perfect sentencing and judgment of my soul to death for eternity as something to be appreciated and admired for His salvation of the world through me, His faithful servant.