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Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Remembrance

This is an excellent book that reveals the evil in the world that can be unleashed when Mussar Living is not practiced under the submission to the Lord.

"From A Name to A Number" by Alter Wiener

You can purchase it www.authorhouse.com

Book Review by Mark Karns
"From a Name to a Number" by Alter Wiener 

The book gives an accurate account of some of the events of WWII that negatively affected so many good people. The author, Alter Wiener, started life with a promising future because of such Godly parents who guided him properly in the worship of the God of Israel, sovereign of the universe. This, and Gods anthropomorphic hand, guided and prevented death and even worse torture of him. He has since lived to tell this story at thisr critical time in the history of the world. Alter Wiener lived through more horrific events as a test from God than did Job of the Bible. The world today is worse off than in the times of Job and Noah. 

Young people need hope that is provided by Alter Wiener by telling his story. Objectively there seems to be no hope for the world in the near future and forever. But people like Alter Wiener make young people and old people like me realize that most of Gods creations are caring, peaceful, and loving. But today we are all influenced by the events and opinions of others. This is similar to  the first half of the 20th Century. The many parallel events in America that happened in Germany during the period before WWII make Alter Wieners message even more critical.

Alter Wiener is just a man, but his God is sovereign and savior of the world, so it is important that we allow God to use us to have Alter Wiener get his story to America and the world.