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Old Testament Bible Studies

Old Testament Bible Studies These Bible Studies have additional and corrective information in them that change the theology of the Bible and give a better understanding of our ever-present, all-powerful, and all-knowing Creator God. They are not highlighted so that only Bible scholars indoctrinated in the Trinity theology of today will notice the changes. 

This was not to diminish the goodness of Jesus ministry of healing and education 2000 years ago, but it is meant to make people realize the humanity of Jesus and that he is a separate soul from "Christ" who is known as the "comforter and someone like the "Son of man", and who will take the thrown for the kingdom of God in Jerusalem to replace Jesus who is the ransom sacrifice for the salvation of the world.

                   Disciple Bible Studies 2011-2012

Chapter_1_Return_Gods_people_weep Disciple Bible

Chapter_2 Hear_God_Send_Messengers 

Chapter_3_Famine_Starved_for_the_Words_of_the_Lord Disciple

Chapter_4 Redeeming Love. 







Chapter 11 God Cleanses and Renews


Chapter_13 Vision_Gods_vision_of_a_New_World

Chapter 14 Courage 

Chapter 15 Restoration

Chapter 16 Witness 

               Disciple Bible Studies 2010-2011

Chapter 4 The Called People 

Chapter 5 God Hears the City

Chapter_6_God Sends the Law 

Chapter_7_God Draws Nears

Chapter 8 The People Without a King 

Chapter 9 The People With a King

Chapter 10 God Warns the People 

Chapter 11 God Punish the People

Chapter 12 God Will Save 

Chapter 13  Songs of the Heart

Chapter 14 The Righteous Are Like a Tree 

Chapter_15 When Trouble Comes

Chapter_16_People Home for a Savior