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New Testament Bible Studies

                          Disciple Bible Studies 2010-2011  


Chapter 19 Threat-Mounting Controversy

Chapter 20 Good News-The Hidden Messiah

Chapter 22 Life-Life Giving

Chapter 23 Assurance Advocate

Chapter 24 Power- The Explosive Power of the Spirit

Chapter 25 Conversion-The Gospel Penetrates the World

Chapter 26 Justified

Chapter 27 Love-The Congregation in Ferment

Chapter 28 Freedom

Chapter 29 Training

Chapter 30 Sacrifice

Chapter 31 Holy

Chapter 32 Victory

Chapter 33 Ministry

Chapter 34 Remember

                                Disciple Bible Study 2011-2012

Chapter 17 Apostle  

Chapter 18 Correspondence  

Chapter 19 The Lord is Coming  

Chapter 20 Honest Labor  

Chapter 21 Seeing the Good  

Chapter 22 The Body of Christ  

Chapter 23 Crisis in Confidence  

Chapter 24 God's Saving Righteousness  

Chapter 25 Salvation for All  

Chapter 26 New Life in Christ  

Chapter 27 Fruit of the Holy Spirit  

Chapter 28 Christ Above All  

Chapter 29 Whole Armor of God  

Chapter 30 Leadership in the Church  

Chapter 31 Generation to Generation  

Chapter 32 Remember Who You Are